バラード版 (Ballad version) 
アップテンポ版 (Uptempo version) 
メイキング (Behind-the-Scenes) 

From this month, you'll see me in a new national (Japanese) television commercial. This time it's not for the Kincho company, but for a company called Ichinen. In the commercials, I'm singing. And like the Kincho company, Ichinen Holdings also seems to like to make funny commercials. Companies based in the Kansai area are in tune with the comedy culture of the region. There are two commercials I shot for Ichinen: in one I'm singing a ballad, and in another I'm singing an uptempo pop song. Each commercial has a 30-second version and a 15-second version. There is also a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the commercials. Click the links above. Enjoy!