5/23   Miss. Grooveの30周年のイベント、ダイナマイトシスターズのライブを見に来ていただいた方、ありがとうございました〜!「楽しかった」や「感動しちゃいました」などの声を聞いて、うれしかったです!Miss.Grooveの皆さん、The Pleasuresの皆さん、ライブハウスのマザーポップコーンの皆さんも、めっちゃ優しい方々で、すごく楽しいイベントでした!ありがとうございました〜!(写真もありがとうございます!) 

Thanks to all who came out to the Miss Groove 30th Anniversary event in which I sang as the Dynamite Sisters duo! Lots of people said they had a good time, and they were moved by our performance, and we were very happy to hear that. To the members of Miss Groove, The Pleasures and of course to the staff at Mother Popcorn, thanks so much! Everyone was kind and so easy to work with, and it made the event so much fun for us! (And thanks for the photos, too!)